wan|der1 S3 [ˈwɔndə US ˈwa:ndər] v
1¦(without direction)¦
2¦(move away)¦
5 somebody's mind is wandering
[: Old English; Origin: wandrian]
to walk slowly across or around an area, usually without a clear direction or purpose
wander in/through/around etc
I'll wander around the mall for half an hour.
She wandered aimlessly about the house.
Ana wandered off to get a drink.
He was found wandering the streets of New York.
2.) ¦(MOVE AWAY)¦
[i]also wander off
to walk away from where you are supposed to stay
Don't let any of the kids wander off.
if your mind, thoughts etc wander, you no longer pay attention to something, especially because you are bored or worried
Mrs Snell's mind wandered and the voices went on and on.
to start to talk about something not related to the main subject that you were talking about before
wander from/off
Pauline started to wander from the point.
5.) sb's mind is wandering
used to say that someone has become unable to think clearly, especially because they are old
6.) ¦(EYES)¦ [I]
if your eyes or your ↑gaze wanders, you look around slowly at different things or at all parts of something
His gaze wandered round the room.
7.) ¦(ROAD/RIVER)¦ [I]
if a road or a river wanders somewhere, it does not go straight but in curves
wander through/across/along
The Missouri River wanders across several states.
8.) ¦(HANDS)¦ [I]
if a man's hands wander, he touches the body of a woman he is with, especially where she does not want him to
Be careful, he's got wandering hands .
wander 2
wander2 [i]n [singular] BrE
a short relaxed walk
take/go for/have a wander
I had a bit of a wander round the shops.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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